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Viscosity Levels
Water (1)
Acid (100)
Paint (500)
Glycerol (2,500)
Honey (5,000)
Molasses (50,000)

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Technical Information

Delta Mixers Technical Information

Delta Equipment manufactures a wide selection of industrial mixers from 1/4 to 3 hp for tank volumes of 50 to 5000 gallons. DELTA mixers are available air or electric powered and are constructed in aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel. Please find technical information below that will be useful in your mixing application.

PDF Reference Documents
Product Catalogue (PDF) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Provides information on DELTA direct, gear drive and 3N1 mixers, as well as several technical charts and tips.
Parts List (PDF) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Mixing Videos
Proper Mixing (MPG)
This video shows that a properly sized and installed mixer will provide proper ‘pumping’ and adequate turbulence to mix materials without any vortex.
Critical Speed (MPG)
Vortex (MPG)
This video shows that no mixing actually takes place in the presence of a significant vortex. The contents in the tank simply swirls around together, almost as if everything is held together on the shaft and propeller. Note the white/shiny areas as the liquid moves around rather than mixing.
CAD Drawings
The following CAD (.dwg) drawings of DELTA mixers are available:
DELTA 3N1 (3 in 1; flange, bung & open tank) DELTA PD (Portable Direct Drive)
DELTA PG (Portable Gear Drive) DELTA PGF (Portable Flanged Gear Drive)
If you do not have software to view these files, try one of Autodesk’s DWG Viewers.
Installation Gallery
All mixers supplied by Delta Equipment come
with a customer satisfaction guarantee and full warranty.