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Viscosity Levels
Water (1)
Acid (100)
Paint (500)
Glycerol (2,500)
Honey (5,000)
Molasses (50,000)

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Products List

DELTA supplies mixers with motors up to 3 hp for use in tanks as large as 5000 gallons. These mixers are available with direct, gear and variable speed drives. Select the mixer below to view its details and specifications.

DELTA 3N1 (3 in 1; flange, bung & open tank)
The DELTA 3N1 mixer is 3 mixers in 1! It is a flange mount, bung-hole-entry and open tank mixer in one machine.
DELTA PD (Portable Direct Drive)
The DELTA PD mixer is a direct drive unit operating at 1750 rpm.
DELTA PG (Portable Gear Drive)
The DELTA PG mixer is a gear drive unit operating at 350 rpm.
DELTA PGF (Portable Flanged Gear Drive)
The DELTA PGF mixer is a flange-mount gear drive unit operating at 350 rpm.
DELTA Tote Tank Entry & Bulk Container Mixers
A complete line of DELTA tote tank and Bulk Container Mixers is available. These mixers can be bung or bracket mounted and have vertical motors for single containers.